Superconductor Services

Superconductor Design and Fabrication

WOLFZYC provides professional Superconductor design and fabrication services for both industry and research. (fabrication services current not available)

  • High Tc Superconductor (e.g. YBa2Cu3O7−x)
  • Low Tc Superconductor (e.g. Niobium)
  • Critical Current, Inductance Simulation
  • Design, Fabricate, Test and Verification
Design and Fabrication
  • Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID)
  • SQUID Array
  • Rapid Single Flux Quantum (RSFQ)
  • Josephson parametric amplifier (JPA)
  • Other Superconductor Devices
  • L-Edit, CleWin, K-Layout, WRspice, Xic
  • E-Beam lithograph : Mask Aligner, Laser Direct Writer
  • Ion Mill, Reactive Ion Etching