Superconductor Research

WOLFZYC works with universities and national Labs to develop next generation processing and computing power.

Neuromorphic Computing

Superconductor hardware platform for the implementation of neural networks and large-scale neuromorphic computing.

Neural networks have been proven and been widely used to solve many difficult computational problems. However due to the limitation of power and speed, the benefit of software implementation has been pushed to the edge. It is more obvious while developing and researching complex models with huge data sets for general purposes by leveraging both time and power consumption.

Here at WOLFZYC, we are developing neuromorphic computing solutions using superconducting electronics. The new superconducting platforms have the potential to provide extreme energy-efficiency and speed when compared to standard silicon-based CMOS technologies.

Quantum Computing

WOLFZYC aims to develop quantum computing solutions to solve complex problems that prove difficult and time consuming for conventional supercomputers.

WOLFZYC is pursuing research in superconductor quantum computing platforms. Our research involves superconducting quantum computing, multi-qubit hardware platforms and quantum computer programming. We span across multiple professional institutions, from universities and private sector to national labs and government agencies.

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